How Can Cyclists and Personal Mobility Device Riders Co-exist Safely with Motorists in Singapore?

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The government’s drive to promote cycling as a viable form of transport has led to folding bicycles and many types of personal mobility devices being allowed on the MRT, the construction of more bicycle paths and park connectors, and, soon, our first bike sharing scheme to be expected at the end of 2017 in the Jurong Lake District.

But all is not right in Paradise, as there have been some run-ins between cyclists and personal mobility device (PMD) riders, and drivers.

Drivers are complaining that the cyclists and PMD users all have death wishes as some have been spotted riding against the flow of traffic, beating traffic lights and performing other circus stunts.

On the other hand, for cyclists and PMDs, riding on the roads is like swimming in a cesspool of sharks, as road users here are not accustomed to sharing the roads, and the number of cyclists getting crushed under the wheels of an inconsiderate driver is rising.

Now, some road users are even calling for a ban on users of PMDs like scooters and electric bikes on roads. Others argue that they pay COE, but not cyclists or PMD users, so they should be the only ones allowed on the roads.

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