Film Insurance

Film Insurance

The Show MUST go ON! But sometimes, it can’t.

Film production is becoming more and more complex with average budgets increasing for each production. The inevitable glitch can cause costly delays and productions to run over budget much to the dismay of producers and investors. Stuff happens, it’s a fact! Actors can become ill or get injured; equipment can break or become damaged despite the fact that digital technology has made shooting much more stable, glitches or issues in production or post production still happen!

Film Production All Risks insurance policy is designed to protect your production from costly delays and legal issues arising from a whole host of exposures no matter where in the world you shoot. By combining all required insurance coverages into 1 comprehensive, competitively priced policy, we make things easy for you to get on with your production without worry or hassle.

Contact us today with the following details to get an indicative offer!

  • Policyholder Details (Name, Business contact address, contact number)
  • Type of Film (feature, TV/TVC, Online)
  • Type of Support (Digital or Negative)
  • Budget of Production
  • Number of actual shooting days
  • Number of people to insure for Non-appearance
  • Shooting location(s)