Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

For nearly all professions or businesses. Does your company or yourself:

  • Provide service(s) to others for a fee?
  • Sign service contracts requiring it to carry professional liability insurance?
  • Have clients that incorporate your services or content into the products or services they provide to others?
  • Have access to confidential client data or intellectual property?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, your company may face significant professional liability exposure.

We offer Professional liability insurance which will cover yourself and your business for

  1. Professional Breach
  2. Court Attendance
  3. Extended Reporting Period
  4. Previous Business Name
  5. Cover for Lost Documents
  6. Vicarious Liability
  7. Continuity
  8. Newly Created Subsidiaries
  9. Intellectual Property Infringement
  10. Defamation
  11. Fraud/Dishonesty (optional)
  12. Reputation Protection Expenses (optional)
  13. Quasi-Judicial Costs (optional)

    Consider the impact of a $100,000 lawsuit on your company... or a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. Most companies can’t absorb that kind of loss without feeling dramatic, possibly devastating effects. Yet such costs are only part of the financial pain—it’s difficult to place a value on the hassle, lost time, and damaged reputation that may result from a professional liability lawsuit. A professional liability lawsuit can be triggered by almost anyone who is “touched” by the professional service. The broader the exposure, the greater the need for insurance protection. Another important thing to remember is that your company doesn’t have to do anything wrong to be sued.